A big welcome to our new Partners: PEAK-IT, ForeScout, Exact software, Quercis and Team Rockstars


On Thursday, April 11th, we welcomed some new Partners in Education (and a Friend in Education, a partner involved in our education, but not in the primary process). Of course we have made this into a nice official moment.

A few partners were also present who, after successfully cooperating for a number of years, extended their previously signed covenant for the next four years. Welcome everyone! Cheers to a succesfull collaboration!

The photo above shows Richard Stassen, operational director of PEAK-IT together with Ad Vissers, director Fontys Hogeschool ICT. Together they sign the covenant with which PEAK-IT will commit itself to FHICT over the next four years. A collaboration that started in semester 2 of IT & Business and may be expanded even further in the coming years.

On this photo you can see Bas Smit from ForeScout, market leader in the field of visibility and control of devices. This collaboration started with a project on industrial security for 2nd year students. In the coming period they will explore with students what else can be made to reduce cyber and operational risks for companies and organizations.

On this photo you can see Jarno van Hurne, Director Projects and Enablement of Exact Software. On behalf of Exact, he signed a Friend in Education covenant, which indicates that Exact will deliver software to ICT & Business students over the next four years. Other partners such as HLB van Daal also make grateful use of this and were therefore present at the signing.

New partner Quercis also has a relationship with Exact. On this photo you see Raymond Kok, director of Quercis, as Exact Gold Partner specialized in the automation of financially complex issues, optimization of business processes and linking software systems. They are involved in IT & Business in semester 4 as a client, from which viewpoint they provide feedback to students.

On this photo you see Bart Nijskens, co-founder of Team Rockstars, with locations in Den Bosch, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Since they are always looking for good software engineers, they are connected to ICT & Software Engineering - Semester 2, in which they are involved in the project and fulfill the expert- and client role.

And then the re-signatures ... on this photo you can see Jasia Janssen, program manager at Acknowledge. Acknowledge has been involved with ICT & Software for many years and is a member of various professional field advisory committees. With the re-signing of the covenant, the collaboration has been continued for several years.

Here you see Noud Bex, general director / secretary of the Municipality of Bernheze, one of the first municipalities that we ever started working with. With this, the collaboration is also assured again for the coming four years, including the field of cyber security and digital marketing.

Another important municipality for our university: the municipality of Eindhoven. Alderman Marcel Oosterveer is signing for another four years and that is because the municipality has traditionally been involved in various projects: from smart cities to cyber security to graduation sessions and conferences.

Last but not least you see Ronald van Lent from Jugo, involved in everything that has to do with data and digital maketing. They are also signing up for a new round of four years of optimal cooperation.