Partners in Education

For over ten years we have been collaborating with businesses. Because of this we are able to provide new, inspiring and meaningful education. This collaboration isn’t a side issue or noncommittal. Because of involving these businesses intensively into our education, the curriculum becomes meaningful, both for the student as for the teacher. And eventually also for the businesses.

We are proud of this successful way of collaboration and wish you pleasure reading this overview of our Partners in Education.

Ad Vissers - Director

“It is of the utmost importance students becomes intensly acquainted with the world of business during their education.”

Why Partners in Education?

Development student

For Fontys University of Applied Sciences, School for ICT (FHICT) the development of the student to a professional for the jobmarket is central. Besides offering a high quality education it is of the utmost importance a student becomes intensly acquinted with the world of business during their education. That is why FHICT for years now has been working with the professional field of the education. These are long lasting relations in which FHICT introduces businesses to their future employees. The businesses show to the students what it is like in the professional field.

Connection to the professional field

For the professional field it is important enough ICT students graduate with an education that connects with the professional field. Because of a good cooperation with the businesses students receive actual and challenging education and companies can show them the newest technologies. FHICT would like their students to be properly prepared for working life after their education and are able to apply the theorie directly into practice. From experience it shows non are better equiped to do this than the professional field.


Watch this video of a visit from our students to Partner in Education DAF.

Latest news

New Partner in Education: HLB Van Daal & Partners 27/06/2017

We are proud on our new Partner in Education: HLB Van Daal & Partners. On Monday 26th of June Mr. P. Kosters, director of HLB and Ad Vissers, director of Fontys Hogeschool ICT, signed a Partners in Education convenant. HLB will be participating in a client role by the project of ICT & Business in semester three in Tilburg. We are proud of this new partner and look forward to a nice coöperation.

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New Partner in Education: Everest 21/06/2017

On Monday 19th of June, Jan van Deenen of Everest and Ad Vissers of Fontys Hogeschool ICT signed a Partners in Education covenant. Everest will participate by ICT & Business in semester six with there expertise of Blueriq. We are proud of this new partner and look forward to a nice cooperation.

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