As a car user you are connected with your car, you are in total control. Wherever, whenever you plan your next trip, Crossyn will connect you and your car while helping you maintain full control. At Crossyn we stand for innovation and digital advancement. We connect you, the way you prefer to be connected.

Crossyn collects, analyses and enriches data of vehicles and car users. We believe that combining vehicle and consumer data is a future-proof way of optimizing the driving experience. Combining these data streams leads to intelligent solutions which suffice in the needs of car users and related businesses.


Driver in control
At Crossyn the driver is in full control of the vehicle and its data. Through the easy accessible online Crossyn portal the driver can change their privacy preferences at any time.

At Crossyn innovation is the driver of change, optimizing and creating intelligent solutions. Crossyn strives to connect the world, through data.

Careerday 2019
Crossyn is present for an introduction at the FHICT Career Day on 11 April 2019. They are looking for students for:
  • Internship
  • Graduate
with a study program:
  • ICT & Applied Data Science
  • ICT & Software Engineering
“At Crossyn we connect, through data”

Crossyn is involved with:

Study program

Crossyn fulfills a network role in the group projects and places students in contact with companies who provide them realistic cases. Besides that Crossyn provides feedback in the group projects.

ICT & Cyber Security - Semester 3

Crossyn participated in a security test (pen-test) of their operating environment.
Students thus develop their ethical hacking skills further, but also tuning can experience with business and contractual side of such a journey.
Tests were external tests from the Internet, internal network testing, application testing and code reviews, to social engineering, for example, a phishing test at employees.
The companies have thus come to acquire a little more insight into their technical and organizational security and awareness and potential improvements in it.

ICT & Business - Semester 3

At Crossyn is research i into a tool to describe processes and to follow them up in a workflow.

Digital Marketing

Crossyn fulfills the client role in the project and provides feedback during the process (autumn 2018).

Other Activities

Crossyn provides an external expert for graduation sessions ( Mr. Erik Kamps ).

Review 2018 by Crossyn

Organization of Cooperation 6
Quality of education 7
Adequate knowledge to students 8
Cooperation last year 7
Average 7
All Reviews