We love software engineering in general and application security in particular. Can you hack your way into an application by thinking up scenarios the developers didn't even conceive? How do you identify weaknesses and how can they be combined to form a realistic attack? We take on these challenges on a daily basis.

We use our expertise for the benefit of a digital world in which information is secure and applications are reliable. It is our ambition to offer development teams the most comprehensive application security assessments as possible. By thoroughly conveying our findings we help developers with practical tips and advice. Our broad knowledge base, structured research methods and own tooling are the primary assets we use. We support teams with secure coding and hacking workshops in their quest to develop secure software.

“Application security taken to the next level”

WhiteHats is involved with:

ICT & Software Engineering

Whitehats gives workshops about Software Engineering for parttime students.

ICT & Cyber Security - Semester 3

ICS-A: Whitehats provides support in giving pen tests in the form of a workshop or advice.

ICT & Cyber Security

Students can spend a day as an ethical hacker in "A day in the life of ....".

Other Activities

WhiteHats provides an external expert for graduation sessions ( Mr. Thijs Schoonbrood ).

Whitehats gives workshop about Hacking and pen-testing for parttime students (2020).