Unique Customized web projects

RB-Media’s main objective is: to secure the online success of our customers. To us, that is the standard by which we measure our success. That is the reason why we ask the critical questions. Questions about the business model, the expectations and the commitment of the customer. Because it isn’t complicated to deliver a product, but if you want to achieve true success, it will demand more of the customer as well as us. Primarily because that success needs to be future proof: sustainable in a continuously evolving web-environment.


Guarantees of RB-Media:

  • Original and professional web designs
  • User-friendly content management systems
  • Great visibility in search-engines
  • Customized future proof service

Looking for a customizable future proof web-developer? We would like to welcome you to the world of RB-Media: Shifting rapidly when possible and holding back when we have to. Move forward, stay critical!

Careerday 2019
RB-Media is present for an introduction at the FHICT Career Day on 11 April 2019. They are looking for students for:
  • Internship
  • Graduate
  • Job
with a study program:
  • ICT & Media Design
  • ICT & Technology
“We are specialists in search engine optimized websites, profitable web shops and successful online marketing projects”

RB-Media is involved with:

Study program
ICT & Media Design - Semester 2

RB Media provides context for a project.

ICT & Media Design - Semester 3

RB Media provides context for a project.

ICT & Media Design - Semester 4

RB Media provides context for a project.

Digital Marketing

RB Media fulfills the client role in the project and provides feedback during the process.