Provincie Noord-Brabant

Provincie Noord-Brabant

The province of Noord-Brabant stands for Brabant and its citizens. It is in their interest that the province takes initiatives and cooperates with governments, businesses and institutions to solve societal issues. Brabant is a European region that is at the top where knowledge and innovation are concerned. The province invests in the region to secure that top position for the future.

Globally as well as in Brabant, there is an ongoing radical process of transition to a new economic and societal reality which originates from developments in the digital world. This process leads to numerous initiatives whereby new technologies are applied for the benefit of societal issues but also for the optimisation of existing business models or the creation of new ones.

Within the transition to industrial renewal digitalisation or digital transformation plays an important role. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) takes care of innovation, transforms markets and heightens productivity of businesses, institutions and governments.

The province of Noord-Brabant wants to contribute to the acceleration of the digital transformation of Brabant. It wants to stimulate entrepreneurs to act intelligently where the handling of large digital data-files and the creation of infrastructure for rapid internet are concerned and also promote the use of digital applications for societal purposes, for instance the modernisation of housing and neighbourhoods. Furthermore, efforts will be made to equip the provincial organisation even better to react to digital developments.

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