Plainwater is a young company in the Business Intelligence sector that, since 2015, operates within a network of companies, mainly focused on the financial functions of organizations. Despite being a small organization, Plainwater has great BI-talents on board, making us a fierce competitor of larger companies. Due to the wide experience in BI projects, from design to implementation combined with financial expertise, we are a welcome guest at the larger companies in The Netherlands. Quality is our standard, making us able to build up sustainable relationships with our customers. We use software-independent solutions to reach our goals at our customers.

Our way of working is characterized by a free and open atmosphere, in which we believe a happy human performs best. You don't work in our company because you have to, but because you fulfil your wish to achieve your goals and evolve yourself to a valuable consultant. This includes all the trust and space you need for the path you want to follow, but also the support and experience of your colleagues. Together you help build a beautiful company. We are a flat organization with mutual respect, in which everyone is equal. All opinions count and there's always space for good ideas! Earning money is a consequence. Driving a good, comfortable car is required for our work, just like a good workplace and the opportunity to enjoy the good life together. Those things are all guaranteed.

Careerday 2019
Plainwater is present for an introduction at the FHICT Career Day on 11 April 2019. They are looking for students for:
  • Job
with a study program:
  • ICT & Applied Data Science
  • ICT & Business
  • ICT & Open Innovation
“Plain Quality. Clear Insights”

Plainwater is involved with:

Study program
ICT & Business - Semester 3

Plainwater has a client role bij the project of ICT & Business, semester 3 and shares her knowledge with the students.

Other Activities

Plainwater is member of the professional field advice committee for ICT & Business (Mr. J. Verhoeven) .

Review 2018 by Plainwater

Organization of Cooperation 8
Quality of education 9
Adequate knowledge to students 7
Cooperation last year 8
Average 8
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