OpenRemote is an open source project – in the vein of JBoss, with the ambition to overcome the challenges of integration between many different protocols and solutions available for building automation, and offer visualization tools. The challenge has only become bigger and expanded beyond buildings into several other application domains, ranging from energy, airports, and cities. OpenRemote Inc. was created, to enable the sponsorship of the OpenRemote open source project.

We follow a Professional Open Source methodology. It means that top contributors usually end up participating in the company, first as contributors, then as consultant or business developers, then as full time employees and owners. We believe in people first and actively seek long term participation as Partner in Education of Fontys

“OpenRemote, creating meaningful connections”

OpenRemote is involved with:

Study program
ICT & Open Innovation - Semester 4

OpenRemote is involved in the professional task and fulfills the expert role in the field of smart cities (IoT), buildings (energy) and home automation (rules engine).

Other Activities

OpenRemote is member of the professional field advice committee for (Pierre Kil) .