Bring out the best of professionals and excell organizations; that’s what we really want to do. The world around us is changing tremendously. In the 24-hours economy it is absolutely essential to use a smart way of working. To survive in this changing environment, organizations and their professionals have to exploit the potential daily. We believe that smart technology is the best solution! We are a leading supplier in software solutions with hundreds of thousands users. Besides, we own two offices in the Netherlands and one in Belgium. Since the foundation in 1998, we only have had one aim: helping professionals to bring out the best of their work as the order of the day. Our digital solutions are smart, reliable and easily applicable. We believe that everything is possible! Almost 100 Infolanders are working wholeheartedly to develop even cooler solutions to provide our customers with a unique experience. By having the guts, drive and energy, we are able to make a difference.


Namely, our ambition is to be an important actor in developing smart technological solutions. Currently we are using software, but we do not wish to exlude other ways of technology to achieve our goals. Therefore, innovation is the major linchpin of Infoland. For that reason, employees are enabled to being innovative constantly. Infoland organizes strong hackathons, works in pop-up teams and provides research exercises that are presented as story’s to our scrum-teams. In short, we will do everything to excell professionals and organizations.


Careerday 2019
Infoland is present for an introduction at the FHICT Career Day on 11 April 2019. They are looking for students for:
  • All Options (Explicit)
with a study program:
  • ICT & Smart Mobile
  • ICT & Software Engineering
“Always a step further”

Infoland is involved with:

Study program
ICT & Software Engineering - Semester 2

Infoland is involved in the group projects, they fulfill the role of expert and client.

ICT & Cyber Security

Infoland fulfills the client role in the project and provides feedback.

Review 2019 by Infoland

Organization of Cooperation 5
Quality of education 7
Adequate knowledge to students 7
Cooperation last year 7
Average 6.5
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