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Eindhoven is bursting with energy. With energy, creative thinking, and with pleasure. The city is constantly changing. What does’nt change is our focus.
We always aim for the future. The combination of knowledge, technology and design makes Eindhoven special. Imagination, creativity and the urge to act go hand in hand here. The city benefits from that and the municipal organization contributes to this. By offering freedom. By stimulating collaboration. And by connecting people and third parties. That's what it's all about.
With approximately 150 professionals, the IT sector is constantly working to improve its services. We aim high to be more customer- and result-oriented and in this way creating more room for cooperation and innovation. Therefore we are always looking for ICT professionals who can help make this shift work.

Eindhoven is involved with:

Study program
ICT & Open Innovation

Gemeente Eindhoven fulfills the client role in the group projects (amongst others Stratum 2.0).

ICT & Business - Semester 6

Gemeente Eindhoven fulfills the client role during the group project.

ICT & Open Innovation

Gemeente Eindhoven fulfills the client role and is facilitator by the Lifelong portfolio / Personal data lockering project Citizen 1

ICT & Applied Data Science - Semester 4

A semester of research with 80 students to open data in smart society. This was a nice project that went well, with a lot of involvement from 'Gemeente Eindhoven'. All this within an eco-system with shinto-labs (applying data / risky companies on the basis of open data, agile) and Asry (geo).

ICT & Business

Gemeente Eindhoven fulfills the client role during the project at 'Maatwerk'.

ICT & Technology - Semester 4

Gemeente Eindhoven participated in a security test (pen-test) of their operating environment (autumn 2018).

Other Activities

Eindhoven provides an external expert for graduation sessions ( Mr. K. Groeneveld ).

Review 2018 by Eindhoven

Organization of Cooperation 7
Quality of education -
Adequate knowledge to students 8
Cooperation last year 8
Average 7.7
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