Carapax IT

Carapax IT

Carapax IT is a social enterprise where highly gifted IT professionals with autism work in their own competence centers. The employees at Carapax IT have an University of Applied Sciences/ University / PhD level and provide high-quality IT services and products. Due to their autism, employees have a distance to the labour market. Carapax IT's tailored guidance ensures that they are very effective and productive. The projects are valued by clients for their above average quality.

Careerday 2018
Carapax IT is present for an introduction at the FHICT Career Day on 1 November 2018. They are looking for students for:
  • Job
with a study program:
  • ICT & Applied Data Science
  • ICT & Media Design
  • ICT & Software Engineering
  • ICT & Technology
“IT’s core competence”

Carapax IT is involved with:

Other Activities

Carapax is a partner for Student +. Student + focuses on coaching and individual guidance for students in all study courses, both Dutch and English, part-time and full-time. All students who can use additional support during their study or internship are welcome to Student +. In addition to trainings and workshops such as studying with autism, we also offer individual tailored courses such as guidance by job coaches and study coaches. Students can also apply for group coaching based on various themes: plan group, collaborative skills and application training. Carapax advises Student + in promoting talent focused and inclusive education and, where possible, also incorporates customized internship placements.

Review 2018 by Carapax IT

Organization of Cooperation 9
Quality of education 9
Adequate knowledge to students 9
Cooperation last year 7
Average 8.5
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