This is Capgemini

At Capgemini we’re creating the newest software together, in an agile way. Groundbreaking applications that help our clients to distinguish themselves from their competitors. Complex projects, we work on together. We call that “The Collaborative Business Experience”. Accomplish good results by connecting a team of experts from Capgemini to our client. That way we achieve great solutions with the newest technologies, so our client can realize the best possible results.

Whether it is C#, PHP, Java, .NET, Python or Mendix. At Capgemini we speak every language. And we’re doing so from various divisions: Applications Services, Testing Services, Digital Services, Consulting Services, Mobile Solutions (Internet of Things), User Experience, Cyber Security and many more. Everyone within Capgemini caries serious responsibility for their own projects. That demands determination and commitment. Luckily from time to time we can free ourselves from everything and we just have fun together. A game of table football or drinks at the end of the day to gain new energy for the next challenging job. Capgemini is full of inspiring projects that challenge you. Junior and senior IT professionals that come up with the most creative solutions by working together. A company with an inquiring and curious mind, where development is a central touchstone. 

“Develop yourself, working together”

Capgemini is involved with:

ICT & Business - Semester 4

Capgemini provides workshops on drafting a projectplan.

Capgemini fulfills the role of client in the projectgroup.

Capgemini provides a guest lecture / workshop on Cultural Awareness.

Capgemini provides workshop 'Start proftaak' and workshop' cultuur".

Capgemini fulfills the role of client in the group project and provide students with feedback during the project.

Other Activities

Capgemini provides an external expert for graduation sessions ( Mr. Jan van Heumen ).

Capgemini had a speaker at the ICT in Practice symposium 2018.

Capgemini gave a hacking workshop during a 3 day event called Huge Leap Week (2018).

Capgemini gave a Ethical hacking workshop during Huge Leap Week 2019.

Capgemini gave a presentation about Cybersecurity and GDPR during a 3 day event called Huge Leap Week (2020).

Review 2019 by Capgemini

Organization of Cooperation 8
Quality of education 8
Adequate knowledge to students 7
Cooperation last year 7
Average 7.5
All Reviews