Imaginative solutions, creatively realized. That’s the essence of what we do here at Atos. This means our people always need to be at their sharpest. We’ll invest in you to hone your talent and shape your future. How else can we remain at the cutting edge?

We define ourselves by redefining what excellence looks like in digital services. This has seen us grow into a global powerhouse. 100,000 people across 72 countries generate revenues of around €12 billion. IT infrastructure. Big data Security. Payments. Consulting and Cloud Services. These are our key areas of focus. And we’re pushing the boundaries in each of them for clients across Defense, Financial Services, Health, Manufacturing, Media, Utilities, Public Sector, Retail, Telecommunications and Transportation.




Keep on moving

The thing about working with technology is: nothing stands still for long. Even the most inspired of today’s innovations eventually becomes yesterday’s news. There will always be unchartered territory to explore. Why? Because that’s what our clients demand of us. It’s also our reason for being. The new, the novel, the untried and untested are what we’re all about. A milestone may be reached but the journey is never ending. This is why you should be part of it.

Gary Kroon, HR intern: “Having the opportunity to do an internship grew me as a person; I had to go out of my comfort zone, I had to do tasks that I had no experience in and I was figuring out myself how to perform in the best way.”

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Atos is involved with:

ICT & Business

Atos provides a guest lecture on IT-Auditing.

Atos participated in a research for the Business Academy and has given a lecture.

ICT & Cyber Security - Semester 3

Atos participated in a security test (pen-test) of their operating environment.
Students thus develop their ethical hacking skills further, but also tuning can experience with business and contractual side of such a journey.
Tests were external tests from the Internet, internal network testing, application testing and code reviews, to social engineering, for example, a phishing test at employees.
The companies have thus come to acquire a little more insight into their technical and organizational security and awareness and potential improvements in it.

ICT & Management and Security - Semester 3

Atos provides a company visit to their innovation lab, twice a year.

ICT & Software Engineering - Semester 6

Atos provided a guest lecture about Angular

ICT & Software Engineering - Semester 6

Atos provides jobtraining for our students, to prepare them for finding the right internship or graduation internship.

ICT & Business - Semester 6

Atos has given a workshop about 'principles of networking'

Other Activities

Atos is member of the professional field advice committee for ICT & Software Engineering (Mr. Patrick Blommensteijn) .

Atos is member of the professional field advice committee for ICT & Business (Mr. Menno Blanken) .

Atos is member of the professional field advice committee for ICT & Cyber Security (Mr. Ed van Dun) .

Atos is member of the professional field advice committee for ICT & Management and Security (Mr. Henk Bakker en Mr. Willem-Jan van der Knaap) .

Atos is member of the professional field advice committee for ICT & Infrastructure (Mr. Hans van Drunen) .

Atos provides an external expert for graduation sessions ( Mr. Menno Blanken, Mr. Bas Mommers, Mr. Martin Bronswijk, Mr. Martin Hundepool, Mr. Patrick Blommensteijn ).

Atos had a speaker at the ICT in Practice symposium 2018.

Atos provided a guestlecture on "Digital Transformation"

Atos has submitted a project for the Business Academy Hacketon from ICT & Business and made a price available (2018).

Atos wants to help with the investigation for the Business Academy (2019).

Atos provided a guestlecture and workshop on "Machine Learning".

Atos provided a workshop on Projectmanagement (2019).

Atos provides LinkedIn and job application training.

Review 2019 by Atos

Organization of Cooperation 8
Quality of education 9
Adequate knowledge to students 8
Cooperation last year 9
Average 8.5
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