"Allardata believes in a data-driven future. Companies already benefit from data with making better analytics, working more efficient and focusing attention. The popularity of Big Data, Business Intelligence and Data Science is large, and will only grow further.

Through the Internet, automation and technological innovation, more and more information is available. Companies, as well as governments, schools and healthcare institutions are storing more and more data to act on knowledge and history in the future. From data to information, knowledge and wisdom. In all sectors. To work better and to optimize life. Data is the future! "

“Welcome to the wonderful world of data”

Allardata is involved with:

English stream
Full study programme

Allardata gave a presentation on cryptocurrencies during a 3 day event called Huge Leap Week.

Data Driven Business Lab

Allardata fullfills the role of expert on building dashboards. They provide a workshop Qlickvies, students receive feedback on their dashboard and Allardata is present during the final presentation.

Other Activities

Allardata provides an external expert for graduation sessions ( Mr. Allard Couwenberg ).

Review 2019 by Allardata

Organization of Cooperation 10
Quality of education 8
Adequate knowledge to students 9
Cooperation last year 8
Average 8.8
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