Accenture Technology

Accenture Technology

Start at Accenture and keep on growing!

Technology is constantly changing; we don’t have to tell you that. But that means you will -and have- to upgrade your skills all the time. Starting at Accenture offers you this constant and personal development. It starts once you enter: the first thing you do is making a StrenghtsFinder in which your strengths are mapped. Next step is to link your strengths to your work and in so leveraging your full potential from day one!

What will you be doing at Accenture?

As a starter, we guide you to develop as an accomplished IT-Consultant rapidly. You will work with the largest clients, on cool projects and together with a close and nice team. No day is the same and no day is boring because your projects are diverse and technology is changing. From analyzing current processes to advising about improvements and the implementation of your solutions, at Accenture, you can do it all.

Want to know more?

Do you want to keep growing and going fast and use your skills on challenging projects, large clients and with a nice team? Check out our jobs at!

Igor (International IT-trainee): Working for a consulting company with a focus on personal development and significant growth potential has been what I was looking for, and I found that at Accenture.”

“High performance. Delivered.”

Accenture Technology is involved with:

ICT & Business - Semester 4

Accenture is a client for the group projects. Furthermore Accenture is involved in Visual Shelf Monitoring and welcomes students in Liquid Studio in Utrecht for a workshop Scrum/Agile.

English stream

Accenture provides a workshop.

Other Activities

Accenture has submitted a project for the Business Academy Hacketon from ICT & Business and made a price available (2018).

Accenture gave a presentation on blockchain during a 3 day event called Huge Leap Week (2018).
Accenture gave a presentation about robotics during a 3 day event called Huge Leap Week (2018).

Accenture gave a demo and a lecture about The Next Web during Huge Leap Week 2019.

Accenture was present at ICT in Practice 2020.

Review 2020 by Accenture Technology

Organization of Cooperation 8
Quality of education 9
Adequate knowledge to students 8
Cooperation last year 9
Average 8.5
All Reviews