This title was awarded on Monday 8 January 2018 to: Carapax IT.

The jury commented: "Meaningful entrepreneurship in the purest form that is actually still a very young player in the market, but we still expect a lot from this organization in the coming years.

Carapax stands for impact. Not the gap in the market, but the gap in society is central to this new generation of entrepreneurs. The new business 3.0. This does not focus on the product but on people. How do you get the best out of autistic people, how do you get them out of benefits and make the step to a fully paid job in ICT.

The result of this approach is a group of passionate employees who have been given the opportunity to deliver top quality.

Very daring entrepreneurship combined with a lot of passion and expertise. Involved and with both feet on the ground, no golden edges but doing what is necessary. Carapax short and powerful company with a large social impact combined with business services.

We are proud to have a partner like Carapax within our PiE-portfolio!