E-sites Group grows under a new name: Handpicked agencies


The E-sites Group, a collective of companies that emerged from the expansion of digital agency E-sites, continues as Handpicked agencies. With 5 existing labels and the launch of 2 new labels, Handpicked agencies includes a total of 7 labels focused on digital strategy & design, development, e-commerce, content production, virtual reality and online marketing.

Growth to 250+ employees
When E-sites started expanding its services under new company names, naturally the name E-sites Group emerged as the umbrella brand name. Rob Peters, founder of Handpicked agencies explains the choice for changing the name: "The name E-sites Group does no longer represents the entire group of digital agencies. Due to our expansions and the growth ambitions of all labels, this is a great time to introduce a new name that represents our collective strength. Handpicked agencies will strengthen synergy between the labels and facilitate the growth. All 7 agencies add 'a Handpicked agency' to their name. In the coming years, we as a group want to experience strong growth from 120 to 250+ people. Both from organic growth and from possible acquisitions."

Rob about the choice for the name: "The name Handpicked agencies comes from our craft. All smart innovations are made with our hands and together with our customers. Our agencies help clients choose the right innovations and those clients also choose us with care. We, our people and the solutions for customers are Handpicked. The best results arise from that care.

A strong family with 5 existing and 2 new labels
E-sites has been active as a digital agency since 1999 and expanded its activities later with the start of the online marketing agency Fingerspitz and a participation in e-commerce agency Techtwo. Then came TDE, from a merger with sports marketing agency Triple Double and later started it’s content marketing agency Breese. And today, Departure and Boldly are added to the family. Departure is a continuation of the creative team at E-sites which will now operate independently in the field of online strategy and design. Boldly is a new label focused on Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. Rob: "Each label uses its own specialization, identity and unique strength. But by joining forces, we as a collective of agencies are even stronger and more than capable of fully serving our customers towards their digital ambitions. This is what we want to claim."

About Handpicked agencies
Handpicked agencies clients include Amarant, Brabantia, Bruynzeel Keukens, JohnBeerens, Paaspop, Nationale Nederlanden, Opel, Perfetti van Melle, Subway, Under Armour, Ziggo Sport and many more.

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