And again 5 new PiE's: our partnerprogramme is still growing!


Here you see Ad Vissers, director FHICT together with Walter van de Wege, director of Happy Horizon. We are proud to welcome this group of specialized marketing agencies on the cutting edge of data and strategy, concept and campaign development, media and channel deployment and technology in the group.

Hugo Appels, director of Syntouch, receives the covenant with a smile. Syntouch has recently transferred knowledge about blockchain and will expand this in the coming period to several innovative developments that they specialize in, such as Internet of Things, Cloud and Predictive Analytics. A welcome addition to the group.



Drieam is a company that FHICT has been working with for years, including the implementation of Canvas and feedpulse. In recent times, however, they have also been actively involved in our education in the Open Innovation route and with this the partnership has now become official. On the photo you see co-founder Tim Stuart with his just signed covenant.

Former ICT and Media Design teacher Iris Soute started the start-up Picoo to get children, and adults, into motion with the help of interactive toys. We are delighted to have her on board again so that she can continue to share her knowledge about UX and practice with our students. 

Last but not least, Frank Houtappels, director/owner of We Provide, closes this list. Frank has been active for a while as an external expert at the graduation sessions of FHICT, but now he is also actively involved in education.

Welcome everyone! We look forward to a good collaboration for at least 4 years and maybe even longer ...